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Why do brands need to bring a change in their products?

March 9, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Marketing & Advertising

”The better your interface would be, the better visitors will feel and the better visitors will feel on your website, the better sales would take place.”

The above proverb is true as the UX/UI design of your website is directly proportional to conversion rate optimization (CRO).

On a technical note, evolving UX (or UI) over a long span of time while amending your product is a challenging and vexing task. Once the product is sneaked in to the fabric of people’s (customers) lives, then its evolution becomes notably difficult.

Let us spill some beans on basics of UX/UI design before moving on further.
First of all, UX and UI are the most confused terms in web designing industry. Of course, they are very different terms, but independent on each other. A UI without UX means a painter paints on a canvas with no creativity, while UX without UI is like a shallow frame of a sculpture. Hence, a successful product begins with UX followed by UI.

There are some valid reasons to follow UX/UI rules and they are:
– 5X mobile users abdicate their tasks if they don’t find your site mobile optimized.
– 86 percent of users uninstall an app if they don’t find it an appropriate one.
– 52 percent of users agree that if a company’s website has a bad user experience, then they don’t prefer to get engaged.

2016 has been on its way to become a great year for UI/UX industry.
Nowadays, people are more dependent on smartphones not for only calls, but for health too. They install health related mobile apps that help monitor health, remind about taking medicines and simply everyday life. This is an utter niche if you are planning to design a mobile app and many UX and UI software development companies are working on it.

On the Internet, everyone is a UI/UX critic and judges the product certainly. A few people take out their time and guide to improve your performance with ‘how it should look like’ stuff. And the irony is that you can’t participate in this UX debate (or discussion) with people having different views than those for whom your design is actually intended.

Furthermore, changing a user experience in not a matter of a few minutes, hours or seconds. As it is done at backend, that means a backend change directly reflects on performance or uptime.

Lastly, it has been concluded that 2016 will be the year when User interface and great content are the focus areas for UX designers.
Many IT firms are adopting this change and the skills to become Native iOS development company in India USA and China leading the league, followed by India.

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