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April 7, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Clothing

Summer is here now. Along with ample sunshine and lighter air, we will also get re-acquainted with perspiration, skin burning sunrays, higher day/night temps, diminished appetite, increased thirst and what not.

Since we don’t like to eat as much as we did in winters, we can focus solely on what to wear. Summer clothing is dramatically different from winters. In winters you may wear anything underneath and cover it up with a good blazer or a jacket. But such is not the case with summer clothes. You can only wear 2-3 garments which have to comfortable, fashionable, easy to wear and easy to carry.  Here are a few things that should be kept in mind before buying clothes for the summer.

Firstly, fabrics made of natural fibers should be used. Air can freely flow through them, thereby letting your body get cool. Other popular fabrics do not let air to pass through them, such as synthetics or polyester. Before the fashion and trendy aspect, it’s the material of the garment that matters the most.

Second thing that you should think of is the size of the garment. You can’t wear tight clothes in summer. Clothes that are tight will not allow the heat to come out of your body and it will also not let air to flow through them. Higher temps will heat up the body, sweating is the body’s process to cool down. Your skin will need lot of cool air and the clothes that are loose can allow that. Tight fitting clothes will make you feel hotter.

Third is to never come in direct exposure to the sun. Always cover your skin when going out in the skin. You may use a hat or an umbrella or a scarf to cover just the face. This will also help protect from tanning a lot. Cotton scarves should be used for the face and neck, as other materials might cause irritation and rashes in certain cases.

Fourthly, most people you see wandering around in summer either wear sleeveless clothes or full sleeve clothes. Logic behind this is simple, with sleeveless clothes, your arms are bare. Arms and underarms get in contact with fresh air, which makes you feel cooler than with covered underarms. In many places, you will feel a thrust of hot air around you all day long. To prevent oneself from heat stroke, one has to cover the entire body including arms. In times such as these it the cotton material fabric that feels like a godsend.

Fifth would be the color choice. Light color clothes should be worn as they tend to reflect most light and heat, thus making your skin cooler. It also helps in easy removal of body heat.  Additionally, light color clothes are easy on the eyes of others and those who are wearing them.

Lastly, the clothes should be breathable too. There should be proper air circulation so that sweat is not trapped inside. You will also not perspire more and will not have to remain tensed for body odor. More porous fabrics with loose weaves and fine thread for weaving makes the fiber breathable.

Other tips in cliff notes would be to switch to open neck t-shirts, opting for cotton trousers instead of jeans, avoiding jackets and thick materials, avoiding artificial tights and slacks, wearing large hemmed bottoms. Also one should always apply sunscreen half hour before going out in the sun, not just on face but also on the bare hands.

Other fabrics that can be trusted besides cotton are silk blends, khadi material, and linen. These materials are light weight and do not trap moisture. So enjoy your summer without feeling the heat. Read More – Online Boutique Booking in New Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and in India and Boutiques and Ladies Suits Stitching Tailors Service Provider in new Delhi, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad

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