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Blurb Writing And It’s Significance

March 21, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Business

Several steps are involved in writing a book and getting it published. One among the important steps involved in book publishing is writing blurb. Your book is hundreds of pages long and readers prefer to have a brief knowledge about what the book is about before actually buying it. Blurb completes this need of readers. Also, it is a chance and test for the author. You need to show the magic of your pen here. Different book publishers have different format for writing blurb. Some want the description of book in several paragraphs whereas others want it shorter. Depending upon the format of the book publisher you choose, you need to describe your book. Blurb must be written in such a way that it creates interest and zest to read the book in readers mind. It should fill readers mind with inquisition and excitement to know what happens at the end. It is very essential part of book marketing. It also plays a vital role in making your book reviews

Blurb must reflect the genre and central theme of the book. Create intrigue around main conflict. Instead of summarizing your book, create suspense. The reader must feel curious about the book. Give only those details that are related to subject of your book but be careful while choosing the instances that you want to put in a blurb. It should not reveal the whole story and must not make the readers feel that your book is some repetition of same old typical stories. The main motive of blurb is to create interest in the mind of reader but a little mistake and it can be the reason to prevent the readers from buying your book. Keep it punchy and short. It should hit the target, i.e., audience mind.

There is no method for writing the best blurb for your next novel but certainly, there are few tricks and tactics. Every story has to start from someone and at some place. You can describe that precisely in about one or two lines. Introduce your characters in such a way that audience can relate to them. Every interesting story has some hitches that makes the situation untenable. You can use that twist to create interest among the audience. You can also describe the hopeful possibilities. But do not write all this in several pages. Be precise and write to the point. If the blurb is about 15-20 lines, divided in two to three paragraphs, it becomes more effective. In last paragraph you can describe the spirit or tone of the story. Readers do want to know what kind of emotional state they are going to get while reading the novel. This is where you can turn the browsers into buyers and clinch the deal.

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