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Bijur Delimon Automatic Lubrication Systems for Your Amplified Lubrication Needs

April 29, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Industrial Mechanical

In a study conducted by a major manufacturer, inappropriate lubrication remains a reason for nearly 53% of the bearing failures. In addition to this, they give rise to significant unnecessary maintenance costs including, labor to repair or replace bearings, replacement bearings and the impact on meeting customer delivery commitments. These failures are caused by impurities such as dirt, dust, moisture or inadequate amount of grease supplied to the bearings.

Lack of lubrication isn’t the only problem – there are several other issues that may interrupt the correct functioning of the machinery. Most commonly the issues caused by over-lubrication including environmental issues, housekeeping and safety issues.

Bijur Delimon automatic lubrication system can help reduce these unplanned and redundant expenses. No matter, what kind of machinery do you use, an ALS automatically lubricates multiple points on a machine from a centralized unit which is located in an easily accessible location. A system distributes small amount of lubricant after a certain period of time, while your machine is in operation, maintaining a uniform supply of the lubricant in the bearings at all times and a consistent lubricant seal to avoid dirt and contaminants from entering into the bearings.

Here is a list of 4 reasons why you should opt for an automatic lubrication system:

1) Safety

An Automatic Lubrication system helps eliminate or reduce climbing over difficult to reach areas, and in today’s workplace, safety is always a key consideration.

2) Efficient Lubrication

An ALS applies lubricant while the machine is in operation so you don’t have to pause what you’re doing or have an extra time to lubricate – in other words, less downtime. This type of lubrication saves your time and you get much better oil or grease coverage on the bearings.

3) Increased Overall Productivity

Productivity will increase resulting from an expansion in machine availability and reduction in downtime due to breakdowns or generic maintenance.

4) Longer Machine Life

Because bearing areas are usually protected so your machinery in general is better retained.

Bijur Delimon automatic lubrication systems differ in quality and design by the maker, but typically consist of five primary components: a controller or timer to operate the system; a pump and reservoir to accumulate the grease; a supply line bridging the pump to the metering valves; metering valves or injectors to measure and dispense the lubricant; and feed lines and fittings to carry the lubricant to the application points.

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