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A Better Way to Find Your Dream Home

April 11, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Home Business

When searching for houses for sale in local markets, it helps to narrow down the options. The housing crash is still affecting many markets, and there are swaths of homes for sale in nearly every area of the US. Getting the best deal is important; so many new homebuyers are looking for foreclosures for sale. Sadly, many companies force people to pay for foreclosure listings. A handful of leading real estate sites do offer lists of foreclosures for sale, though these lists are rarely accurate. In fact, many of the foreclosures listed are totally off the market.

House hunters love to look for homes online, but they need the most accurate information possible. Listings should be kept current, and homes that are not for sale should never be added. What buyers look for in a real estate search engine is something more than just an MLS listing slapped up on a quick and dirty website. They want functionality, ease of use, links to helpful resources and plenty of options to make figuring out which house to purchase easier.

A good website can make or break a business. Whether readers know it or not, they are constantly assessing websites by appearances, functionality and useful add-ons. Buyers and sellers make conscious business decisions based upon their subconscious impressions. It is absolutely vital to project the most professional image possible.

The House Value Store never misrepresents local markets, and they understand that one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is to offer something no one else has. The House Value Store is a subsidiary of Search Wire, one of the leading real estate technology firms in the nation. Their new real estate search site just coming out of beta and offers something other leading sites do not: three property valuation estimates with every listing. This feature helps buyers and sellers get a more realistic idea of what homes are worth before making major decisions.

In addition to expanded valuation offerings, House Value Store will soon offer many more options to make real estate searches easier. The ability to view neighbor’s profiles, surrounding educational establishments and public schools, eateries, demographics and more will help home buyers make the right choice.

The House Value Store makes it easier for first time homebuyers to find the right home. Existing homeowners can check the current values of their homes based upon real estate data for recent home sales in the area. Homebuyers can easily connect with the agent assigned to specific MLS listings and can even help homebuyers secure a lender that is right for them.

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