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Which is Better for Countertops, Granite or Marble?

June 17, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Business

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There is no need to say that, Americans are foodaholics and kitchen is a place for them which retains hectic throughout the day, and the other place is the hall where they use to entertain. These both places demand countertops that are robust, long lasting, suit your space, give an alluring look along with strongly meet your style and needs.

If you will stroll in the market, you will find a huge assortment in countertops that encompasses high quality granite, marble, cultured marble and quartz countertops. If you are in the quest of surpassing quality countertops and confused between granite and marble, the comparison given below will definitely devoid of your confusion in just a few minutes that I have taken in writing this article.

If you are concerned about appearance, then there is no any quandary as both gives an alluring look to your countertops, but if huge assortment is a concerned for you, granite will definitely give you a lot more than marbles as granite slab contains a variety of hues inclusive of green, pink, orange, red, along with in granite you have an option from medium to dark shades to suffice your needs. Furthermore, have you ever seen granite with a gold vein? Discover at granite countertops DC and granite countertops Baltimore that actually conveys a word beauty. On the other side, you will have limited choice if going towards marble.

When along with a beauty, you are in quest of durability; again granite is leading in contrast to the marble. Granite has a greater aptitude to resist chips, scratches and heat over the marble. And the proper sealing augments the durability of your granite countertops, which you can avail from granite countertops Baltimore on one call only. They come to your home, install the granite and seal it within a few minutes of your day. Just leave it over the night, your sealed granite countertop is ready to use. On the other side, the marbles are vulnerable to acidic foods and liquids that demands greater extent of care to keep them off the marble.

You got the look and durability of granite, but how at maintenance? Here also deriving selection on the granite is win win for you, as granite countertop requires moderate maintenance, in contrast to marble which is moderate to high maintenance. The highest level of care involved is keeping marble, sealed by avoiding acidic materials and wiping up spills quickly, this is but obvious won’t be pleasant for you.

At last the major concern comes in limelight, money. How will you feel, if I say granite is cheaper than marble, I can see a grin on your face. Get the high quality, yet cheaper granite countertops from granite countertops DC or granite countertops Baltimore today.

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