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Beauty Secrets of Japanese Women

August 17, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Nutrition & Supplement

Japanese women are renowned for their excellence beauty around the world. Even at the age of 40 0r above 45, the youngness is still 20 years younger. As japan consists the second largest maker of cosmetic products after U.S. According to a 2015 study by EU-Japan Center for Industrial Cooperation, skincare and hair care products comprise almost 2/3 of the entire Japanese cosmetics market (skincare 46%, hair care 18%). The reason for popularity of Japanese products in International Markets are beauty and cosmetic products based to be simple, natural and Non-Toxic. The products are 90% natural and made up of Organic Elements. Natural ingredients such as rice bran, camellia oil, various seaweeds, yomogi leaves (Artemisa princeps) and azuki beans and marine clay are mainly used in cosmetic and beauty products.

Every women like to been noticed than what appreciate, make up always won’t work. Thus women’s of japan eat right, and care much about staying fit and trim. Taking care of skin and hair is their routine work. This things make the Japanese women looks more extra ordinary, beautiful and glowing than others. Ageing is part of life and with years our skin like to decline its natural glow and beauty. To look and feel the best at any age one need to take care of skin, hair, and whole well-ness of body with regular intervals of time, as most Japanese women’s do.

Collagen Protein
– Collagen intake is another beauty secret of Japanese Women’s. The intake of Collagen is high in diet of Japanese women’s. Collagen have different forms like, tablets, powder and liquids. The best source of collagen is high intake of Fish. Women’s like to eat more and more fish to increase the level of collagen in body.

Boosting Metabolism
– steam bath makes blood circulation increase and also boost metabolism in body. Making your skin more supple, smooth and glowing.

Avoid Sun Explorer
– Keep your skin away from harmful ultraviolet rays. Japanese women protect their precious white skin complexion and shield their skin by umbrellas, gloves and scarves.

Intake of Green Tea
– Japanese women drink green tea, these tea is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial. It can be consumed or used topically to battle signs of aging, acne, and further damage.

Facial Masks
– Masks are the part beauty part of women’s in japan and use twice a week as skin routine. Facial masks moisturize, deep-cleanse, detoxify, increase circulation and provide deep nourishment to the skin.


Japanese Beauty products are famous in world for their instant and long lasting effects on skin and body. Taking good care of skin, hair and body will make it look good and feels you good.

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