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Bathroom Vanity Cabinets – Choose with Care!

June 3, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Home Improvement

Bathroom vanity cabinets come in a variety of variants- reflecting the diverse needs of customers. From low open cabinets for small apartments to six-foot-tall combination sets with drawers and doors, the kind of variety available can be very confusing for buyers. However, they remain the best way to add glamour to bathroom decor. Buyers can also mix and match standalone mirrors with their preferred choice of vanity cabinet to add more convenience and save space and effort. Here are some tips on selecting the right bathroom vanity cabinet for your home.


You can choose the dimensions of the bathroom vanity cabinet after considering the size of the bathroom where you plan to install it. You can’t get cramped in a small bathroom with a too-large cabinet! Also, you need to take into account the add-ons like the sink and mirror as well as the associated plumbing that will take up some room. So consult an expert if you are not too sure here. However, bathroom vanity cabinets do come in a few standard sizes so you can also consult your decorator beforehand if you have a particular size in mind for the bathroom.


Buyers can choose from wood, metal and plastic bathroom vanity cabinets. Wood is most preferable for its corrosion-resistance and long life. A new trend is the rise of rustic furniture- which brings back the rough-hewn furniture that American settlers used to make for themselves in their new self-built homes. Rustic furniture is often available in aged finishes, to lend an antique look to the furniture. Reclaimed wood- taken from old wooden structures- is also used for bathroom vanity cabinets. For example, a barn window becomes a counter-top with a little bit of the original paint showing. This kind of quirkiness is not available with new age steel and plastic. Reclaimed wood is also highly resistant to rot and mildew thanks to its low moisture and age.


A simple tip for matching the colors is to have the cabinet and mirror frame color match with each other while contrasting with the wall color, while the bathroom sink can match the color of the walls. This creates a charming interplay of colors and looks very good when sunlit or with artificial lighting. Custom furniture makers allow buyers to mix and match colors with even thousands of possible color swatches on offer to make a comparison.

Customize the Cabinet

Bathroom vanities can be customized with a variety of accessories. The door pulls can be specially chosen. A separate medicine cabinet can be ordered. The size and shape of the sink can be varied from free vessels to drop in models. Today’s furniture artisans can easily make the vanity cabinet to your specifications. It is best to choose a model that mostly matches your requirements with a mix of open shelves and closing doors and then go ahead with customizing the add on accessories.


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