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All You Need to Know About EWP Training

July 29, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Business

There is a high demand for hydraulic work platforms. However, this comes with a number of challenges in the safety area. If you want to prevent unnecessary injuries, you have to consider taking an elevated work platform training in Perth.

Besides taking the EWP training in Perth, you need to take all the precautionary measures such as:

Buy Your Equipment from a Reputable Company

There are many manufacturers of elevated work platforms. You need to select those that guarantee quality. These are generally internationally recognised. You’ll have to understand that reputable companies take the time to integrate new technologies regarding the operator’s security and safety. Once you buy from such a company, you can enjoy lifetime support. You will also benefit from operator training to make sure the machine functions successfully.

Understanding the Equipment’s Limitations

It is essential operators understand the limits of their equipment. They must adhere to the usage procedures at all times. There are specific weight and height limits the equipment can accommodate. The operator must understand this. This way, the operator’s safety will always be guaranteed. It is hazardous to overwork the equipment and the operators should avoid doing this.

Maintaining the Equipment

Every elevated work platform has a user manual. This manual not only guides the operator on how the equipment should run, but it also shows how to maintain the equipment so that optimum performance is attained. If you stick to these measures you would drastically reduce the risk of injuries and you also extend the equipment’s life. Perform a daily routine check, especially each time after you have used the machine.

What to Do When Hiring an Elevated Work Platform?

If you are planning to hire an elevated work platform, look for one that is available with an operator. This way, you can avoid the wrong handling of the equipment and putting yourself at risk. While this may involve some extra charges, it would be wise to hire one with a skilled and well-trained operator as this would help avoid any mishaps.

If you want to make sure your equipment is running properly and look to avoid any accidents, take an EWP course in Perth. You could learn how to operate an elevated work platform without causing any trouble.

The author is a EWP course trainer in Perth who’s very knowledgeable and experienced. Find out more about how to avoid unsafe work practices at heights right here.

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