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A Common Man’s search for Best SEO Company

August 5, 2016 | Author: | Posted in SEO

There is a huge collection of articles and blogs about the right and the wrong SEO companies; the proper way of doing SEO for your benefit and how any company may cheat on you in this area due to sheer ignorance on your part; the reliable and the unreliable methods of SEO; the methods that may put your company in risk and how to avoid them. If you are not a tech savvy person and unsure of how to get to the best SEO company, then allow this write-up to guide you.

To start with, let me remind you – the best method is more often the simplest method but calls for ‘diligence’, ‘perseverance’ and most of all ‘patience’. So here’s a list of Do’s and Don’ts which when performed can bear positive results in your favour.

Website Audit:

This should principally be the first step to optimisation. A thorough analysis of the website will enable the SEO firm to realise where the problem actually is. It will reflect the present ranking of the site and pinpoint the trouble area. It will also enable the SEO company to present you with an idea of how much work needs to be done to bring around the site to a favourable position.

Timeline and Guarantee:

Time is an important factor in SEO. A pledge for quick results or a time bound job assurance, both are equally deluding. An SEO project can take from three months to around a year to show best results. It is definitely an ongoing process and can neither be achieved in a day nor can continue to show results if regular SEO has been stopped. Therefore, make sure you know exactly who you are proceeding with from their approach towards time.

SEO Strategies:

Be very careful when discussing this area with your prospective SEO firm. Any kind of deceitful technique (which definitely can show quick results) can lead to blacklisting of your site. It is here that you will need the company to guarantee absolute honesty. With their hard work and your patience, positive results will start flowing in soon enough.

Target the right Traffic:

We are past that age when a pledge for increased traffic would please us; what you want the SEO company to do is to increase inflow of the targeted traffic. Only targeted traffic (i.e people interested in your products or services) will convert into sales.

Channelizing Appropriate Content:

This is the simplest step yet requires experience and expertise to bring about the real change. It is only by creating and distributing the most relevant content in the most appropriate channels that targeted traffic can be attracted. However, with a strong impact of the ever growing power of the social media, a steady relationship can be maintained with customers only when due importance is paid to social media marketing by the company.

Lookout for Backlinks:

Backlinks are another essential key to your business growth. Strong and worthy backlinks can work as substantial references towards your image. The SEO firm should be able to give you clues about how they are going to connect to your backlinks.

Having discussed all the above criteria, your chosen SEO company should be ready to discuss their plan of action and deliver month by month reports of the measures taken and the stages achieved. With these, you shall be in a strong position to judge your investment and evaluate your returns.

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