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A Closer Look at Email Continuity and Their Importance

September 7, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Email

In an event of a natural disaster or IT malfunction, maintaining business continuity often means uninterrupted email communication.  And email continuity solutions can make that happen.

So, in this article what is it and the importance of such solution in detail. Read on to learn.

What Is Email Continuity Service (ECS)?

Uninterrupted email services give businesses peace of mind as business communication is never affected even when the organization’s mail server goes down. ECS maintains 30 days of incoming on their servers which means you have access to important mail even during unplanned outages, natural disasters, and planned maintenance.

Unlike email backup or recovery solutions, ECS is intended to enable the resumption of managed email service within a minute of its loss.  The service is so fast that in some cases users never realize the email server is down. ECS continuously monitors the status of the system. In the event of failure, it immediately takes over.

Why Do You Need Email Continuity Solutions?

According to Shon Harris, NASCO information systems administrator, the company lost a $75 million deal because the company did not have any strategy in place for uninterrupted email communication.  In 2003, NASCO’s email server crashed when the executives were working on an important deal.

It took more than 24 hours to get back the mail server working again. By that time, the company had lost more than 48 hours and the company executives were not able to work on that important project.

Email is mission-critical general application today. A survey report on email disruptions presented by Dell shows, out of 1000 companies surveyed, 72% of companies experienced unplanned email outages in a year. An email server outage effects are not limited to email communication alone. It also affects important work schedules, group work and more.

Why Email Backup Solution Is Not Effective as ECS?

Many companies rely on email backup and recovery solutions to protect emails from unplanned outages and IT disruptions. The fact is email recovery solutions do not support uninterrupted email communication. They only allow the business to recover data and application which includes email on a restored server.

In the case of email backup solution, one problem is it takes the time to recover data and restore it on the server. Depending on the nature of the crisis, it can take a few hours to several days to recover data and restore email service.

Email interruptions can be expensive. It is often seen that business losses caused by email interruptions are huge in comparison to spending on email continuity solutions. So employing ECS is the best way to ensure uninterrupted business communication and save the organization from losses due to an interruption in business continuity.


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