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7 Ways to Exercise Safely In Summer Heat

April 9, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Exercise & Meditation

When summer approaches, we tend to find ourselves deciding if it is going to be good for us or bad. We get warmer & longer days get to enjoy baths longer, can swim around in any water body, the fruits and Ice cream. Those are the good things, now I’d have to compare them with other things like constant perspiration, scorching heat, and extreme temperatures, and heat strokes, number of skin problems, reduced appetite, and unquenchable thirst. Now that’s not all, you can come up with plenty more reasons if you are already pre disposed to the winter. All these problems are enough to bother one, not accounting the fact that one would have to go through them for no less than 4 months. Your daily work, exercise for example or even cooking. Both aren’t as fun in summer as they are in winters. Also you tend to do more of both in the winters.

The rules of working out and exercising do change in summers. Here is a list of things that one should take care of in summers while exercising. The flair to stay fit should not be affected by the heat outside.

  1. Drink enough water – Dehydration affects most of us during summers. Not drinking enough water may cause one to suffer from light-headedness and nausea. If not taken care of immediately and regularly, dehydration may even cause kidney failure and or, in extreme cases, death. Also drinking too much water isn’t healthy either. Too much water can cause a condition called hyponatremia, where body retains too much water and sodium in blood dissolves in it. This can lead to confusion, nausea, muscle cramps, seizures or even death in extreme cases. 
  1. Replenish the electrolytes When you sweat, your body not only loses water but also electrolytes. Most of us think that just drinking water will save us from dehydration. That’s not the case. We need to be very careful about the water and electrolyte balance of the body for proper functioning.
  1. Exercise time When you work out is also a factor that decides how you will feel after. Early morning hours are best for working out. The air is colder, there is less pollution and of course it’s the least heated time in a day. If you can, try to avoid exercise from 10 am to 5 pm. It is the hottest time of the day. 
  1. Workout Wear Wear loose, light-colored and natural fabrics that allow the air to flow through. The light color reflects more heat, and material such as cotton will help the evaporation of sweat, passing of air through and keeping the skin temperature cool.
  1. Workout Space If you run or work out outside, then it is imperative that you wear sunscreen all the time irrespective of the fact that the sun is out or not. One can get burned and suffer sun damage to your skin even on cloudy days. If there’s a heat advisory, meaning high ozone and air pollution, you might want to take your workout indoors.
  1. Stay hydrated Even if you are swimming or enjoying a water exercise. Drink a glass or two of water before starting and then take a drink every 15 minutes, even if you don’t feel like that you have to. When you’re done, have a few more glasses of water or juice, whichever you prefer. Avoid extreme temperate changes. Don’t go from blistering outdoor heat to a shockingly cold air-conditioned building. Try to cool yourself down gradually before exposing your body to cooler temperatures.

Finally and most importantly, listen to your body. Don’t overdo just because you have to. One should stop immediately if feeling dizzy, faint or nauseous while working out. To Know More About – and

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