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6 Blunders Which are Ignored By You, But Not By Google

June 16, 2016 | Author: | Posted in SEO

Definitely, high quality SEO Services boost visibility, drive quality traffic and boost ranking of the website. Literally, people leave no stone unturned to take their website on the first page of Google. SEO and Social Media Marketing are two reliable options when comes to drive organic search. However, people make a lot of mistakes while performing SEO, these mistakes should not overlook and ignore. While optimizing the website, make sure that all SEO activities are white hat and in line with guidelines and recommendation of Google.Because black hat SEO technique and violation of Google’s guideline can get your website penalized and in extreme cases, de- indexed from its search result. Well, here question is, “ How to ensure that your website is never penalized by Google?” So, in this article, we will highlight those mistakes which are generally overlooked and ignored by you but not by Google.

Don’t focus on fresh and high quality content- Literally, maximum Web Design Company focus only on fresh and eye catching design of the website, but they don’t value the content so much. Literally, you cannot ignore the value of content in the world of digital marketing. Fresh, high quality and punchy content not only attract search engine traffic, but also impels visitors to stay on the site for the long time.

What to do- It is very true that writing fresh and high quality content is not easy, it requires time and effort. There is really no short cut to it, so we are providing some tips that will help you to write high quality content.

Either blog, article or content, whatever you write, try to provide comprehensive information to readers. Thereby, readers don’t have to read anything else on the topic.
Make your content actionable.
Include lots of data references and links to authority websites.

Use guest blogging purely for link building- Guest blogging is the great way to establish the brand image. Once was a time, when guest blogging was used purely for link building. But with the passage of time, guest blogging become a source of irrelevant backlink. That is why Google is strictly against any blog or website that use guest blogging purely for link building.

What to do- Guest blogging is not entirely dead. You have to be more careful while doing it.

• Never guest blog on websites that are completely irrelevant to your niche. For instance, if your blog on web development company, you should never blog on the finance or real estate niches.
• Backlink from the guest post should not more than 20 to 25% of your overall link profile.
• Google doesnot give too much value to author bio link, so here it will be better if you use contextual links within the content of your guest posts.

Backlinks from irrelevant websites- With the passage of time, especially after the Google Penguin update, Google has changed the way of evaluation of a backlink. Now, the relevancy of your linking domain and its authority are much more important than before. Now the websites are most likely to penalized, if the backlinks are coming from irrelevant website.

What to do- Here, our advice is that be honest and don’t try to be over smart. Because Google is smarter than you. Plan your backlink strategy, that are either within your niche or strongly related to it.

A lot of low quality link- Low quality content and backlinks are hindrance to the website success. If low quality links are pointing to your website then your website can be penalized.

What to do- To save the website from penalized, clean up and monitor the website on regular intervals. You can take help from Google webmaster tool to get rid of low quality link.

Using keyword rich Anchor Text- Couple of years ago, keyword rich anchor text was considered good SEO practices, even many SEO experts recommended using keyword rich anchor text for the backlink. But, things have changed now. Because, Google views, keyword rich anchor text as potentially manipulative. So, somewhere there is a chance of penalizing website using such anchor texts.

What to do- Make your anchor text natural, don’t try to adjust it, where it doesnot fit. In short, it should be in context with the overall content of your page.

Ignore and overlook the value of brand image- The success of the website not only depends on design and development but also depends on promotion. Google values the brand than a simple and ordinary website, brands are more likely to escape search engine penalties, as compared to other websites, even they have some loopholes in their SEO strategy. People ignore and overlook the value of brand image, this point should not ignored. How to strengthen the brand image of the website, here are the few ways.

What to do-

• Create a professional and well designed responsive website.
• Include all the brand element like a logo, a physical address and the contact number.
• Build your social media following and engage your followers regularly.
• Use branded anchor text to create more backlinks. The more people search for you on Google with your brand name, the better for your brand image.

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