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5 Tips That Can Be Implemented While Remodeling the Basement

June 8, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Business

In most of the houses, basement is treated as a dumping ground for all the extra things in the house. It usually becomes a place to keep spare freezers, paper work, paints, old furniture, etc. However, this lowest portion of the house has a lot of potential and can be remodeled to have more space in the house. There are many basement remodeling Denver Companies that transform the basement into a beautiful place from the usual damp, moist and dingy rooms.

Following Are Certain Tips For Remodeling The Basement.

Choice of Style or Theme

To increase the space in the house and gel the basement with the décor of upper floors, similar theme or style can be used. However, it can be converted into a completed different place by choosing a different style.

Construct spaces for spares

When one decides to remodel the basement, one of the greatest problems arises while finding space for the spare things that were earlier dumped in the basement. Some of the companies that do basement remodeling in Denver suggest making modular furniture that takes up less space. For example, if a bench is made in a wall, compartments can be built under it so that the unused stuff can be kept there. Such built in shelves and storage area save both the space and cost.

Utilize the Nooks

Nooks in the basement, like the space under the staircase, can be utilized. A small bar or a snack station can be built in small areas. Thrifty but trendy material can be used to adorn the place.

Scope for natural light

If the basement ceiling is a little above the ground, make sure a window, no matter how small, is made for entry of natural light. This adds a different charm to the basement and removes the perception of dampness. In case if the natural light is not sufficient, dropped or suspended ceilings can be made to compensate. Perimeter lighting, florescent tubes or LED wall washers can be used to light up the room.

Build Dividers

Generally, basements are huge halls and are not partitioned. Functional spaces can be created in the basement through dividers. Sliding doors can be used as dividers so that space can be increased or decreased as per the convenience.

Apart from the above mentioned points, the drainage system should also be considered. Existing drain pipes are a bit above the basement floor. Thus, it becomes necessary to use a motor to pump the sewage waste or waste water to the drain pipes.

During a basement remodel Denver, one can talk to various remodeling contractors to get the work done. And choose the one who have the skills to remodel the place with minimum disruption and beautiful finishing.

The author wants to keep people aware of the numerous advantages of basement remodel in Denver and that’s why the article is created. Read now!

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