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5 Signs You Need a Corporate Event Planning Company

June 7, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Small Business

Planning a corporate event is a stressful task. It requires expertise in preparation, communication, management, marketing, and logistics. You also need expertise in crisis management as emergencies and last-minute problems happen- all the time.

It has been seen that staff in the marketing department or any other department do not have the tools and abilities to handle burgeoning tasks of event planning. Event planning is a professional’s job. Let’s look at 5 signs that tell you why you need a corporate event planning company.

1.  You Don’t Know Anything About Event Planning

Lack of experience is the primary reason why you need to hire a corporate event planner to organize the event. Such events put your company’s name and honor at stake as it is attended by your clients and well-known people of your sector. Also, an event planner has knowledge about confidentiality, regulations and compliance that govern such events.

2.  You Don’t Know the Vendors

A successful event greatly depends on the reliability of vendors. You need to hire different vendors for corporate events like Florist, art director, decorator, photographer, caterer, and performer and transportation personnel. In most cases, the vendors will charge exorbitantly unless you have established a relationship with them.

Corporate event planning companies have long-term business relationships with vendors. They know which vendors to trust. Event planners are able to get services at market rates and some vendors may even give a discounted rate. All these savings are transferred to the clients by event planning companies.

3.  You Want to Avoid Stressful Situations

Event planners have the experience of managing large events. They will manage all things starting from deciding the venue for the event and make bookings, plan decoration theme and get decorations. Event organizing companies also plan the menu and arrange for a caterer. Thus, you can see event planning has an extensive list of to-dos. Without knowledge and experience of handling such events, you will only add stress to your life.

4.  You Want to Host a Great Event

Event planning companies know what makes a great event. There are many things that go into the making of a great event. There are hundreds of details that you need to focus on. These essential things won’t even come to your mind. For example, do you know the angle of audience chair that will make them more involved and happy? There is no way you can learn about these finer details that makes a huge difference.

5.  You Already Have a Workload

When you hire an event planner, you actually save time as they know what things are needed for the corporate event and where they can get them. They organize meetings on your behalf to make the event a success. This means you are free to focus on your duties in the organization and enjoy the event.

These are some of the reasons why hiring a corporate event planner makes sense. If you try to do it by yourself, your event might be a complete failure or become an embarrassment for your company.

Do you agree that hiring a corporate event planner is the right thing to do? Please feel free to comment.


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