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5 Reasons to Choose a Double Sink Vanity for your Bathroom

August 17, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Home Improvement

Vanities are an inevitable part of any bathroom. When selecting them, one question that stays on top of your mind is whether this item of storage needs to have a sink or not. If yes, what should the ideal number of sinks be? Vanities with sinks are available in single and double variants. The latter is popular for various features, and here are 5 important reasons why you need a dual sink vanity.

# 1  –  You are pressed for time

The biggest advantage of a double sink vanity is that it is a boon to couples who find it difficult to squeeze in time in their early morning routine. Access to the bathroom at the same time becomes important in such situations. When rushing to work or packing off children to school, a dual sink vanity is of great help. You don’t need to wait for your significant other to get done with his or her chore as you have a separate sink all to yourself. You wouldn’t either be crammed for space or wouldn’t need to push the other person to gain access to the tap when brushing your teeth or washing your face.

# 2  –  You need more personal space

Everyone wants vanity counters to hold all the items that they love or use every day. However, this isn’t always the case. It becomes important to compromise and make space for toiletries that belong to spouses or kids. Dual sink vanities relieve you of this worry and give you personal space so that you can set your counter top according to your preference. There is space for ‘him’ and ‘her’, and hence no more early morning quarrel over items that are missing or vanities that are overflowing with ‘unnecessary’ stuff.

# 3  –  You have a large area in the bathroom

Master bedrooms usually come with bathrooms that have a large area and a vanity with one sink underutilizes the space available. In space that are 6 feet or longer, dual sink vanities provide functionality by offering more space for storage and use. They complement the space aesthetically give elbow space to couples when standing next to each other.

# 4  –  You dislike clutter

Double sink bathroom vanities have the major advantage of being de-clutter solution. With such an addition in your bathroom, you can not only remodel the bathroom for a better look, but also cut down on the mess and disorderliness. The extra storage and surface space of a dual sink bathroom vanity helps you organize all your toiletries in one convenient and discreet place, eliminating the need to add extra furniture or storage solution in your bathroom.

# 5  –  You love custom built stuff

As with any other article of furniture, vanities with double sinks too can be customized. These can be built in any style from rustic to contemporary. They can use a wide variety of materials like wood, and can be complemented with a contrast countertop like marble or sandstone. The sinks can be made of ceramic, or copper, a natural anti bacterial material. The vanities can also be built to your choice of shape, and size, making them a perfect fit in your bathroom.

Double sink bathroom vanities complement large bathrooms aesthetically and also offer functionality by making a larger area available for use and storage.


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