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4K HD Touch Display- New Invention in Interactive Displays

August 11, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Electronics

The emergence of high quality 4K HD Touch Display makes a new and impressive mark in large-scale interactive displays. Standard HD screens and sophisticated components make it performs four times much better than normal screen quality. With the launch of this advanced technology, world of interaction has been moved beyond HD enjoying the luxury features and outstanding performance. The ultra 4K HD technology would be super magical as compared to previous equipments that are limited to only some functions.

Delivering four times better quality, the full HD displays are widely used in different sectors for various contexts such as motivating classes in school, impressive presentation and corporate meeting applications, GIS, scientists, wayfinding and other applications. As far as superior quality is concerned, four fold developments in resolution provides best image clarity, excellent picture appearance and more smoothness as compared to any other traditional display technology.

In addition to amazing picture quality, 4K advances the classy and secure lifestyle by bringing the life-changing enhancement in today’s modern society of digital world. During the presentation, this ultra series of avant-garde Touch Display and appealing colours bring life by making the audience to get into the presentation with real feel enjoying the awesome viewing experience.

Wonderful Features of Ultra 4K HD Touch Display

  • Collaborate

Multi touch display allows more than two people to work together at the same time. With the simple finger touch, users can enjoy the exciting experience by working in collaboration. The educational institutes are widely installing this inventive display technology to make the classes more interactive, interesting and inspiring. More than six students can simultaneously write or draw on the surface of display using their fingers.

  • Exceptional clarity

New award-winning high performance 4K HD touch display technology is being designed to take image clarity at next level offering brilliant premier colour accuracy and marvellous ultra-wide viewing experience.

  • Excellent style

Stunningly designed touch displays expand the home computing experience and make the presentation impressive with engaging entertainment and multimedia features. Advanced 4K HD technologies look stylish on the display and allow users to improve the ambience of home, showrooms or corporate sectors.

  • Seamless view

Experience the virtually real seamless view with ultramodern 4K HD touch displays that maximize the viewable screen area and offer great experience to audience from all corners of the room.

  • High resolution experience

Ultra HD displays provide essentially four times better high definition resolution than full HD. This futuristic technology gives stunning visual impact of content even things that seem impossible with previous displays are now possible with it. Businesses, institutes and other regions requiring the highest definition resolution find 4K HD touch display best option.

  • Integrated wireless interactive presentation solution

An optional wireless interactive presentation solution connects the interactive touch panel to external tools including iOS, android and Microsoft wirelessly without requiring external power source.

Benefits of 4K HD Touch Display

  • Ultimate image quality
  • Sharpness, accuracy and brightness of colours
  • Premium quality screen image
  • Unparalleled HD picture quality
  • Reasonable price

Educational institutes, research centers, luxury retail brands, information display companies and government institutions are adapting this ultramodern touch display at rapid pace.

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