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4 Suprising Things That Are Making You

March 4, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Decorations, Home Accessories, Home Improvement


Fatigue or tiredness is one of the most common health complaints there are. It’s easy to get too little sleep, can be quite difficult to maintain enough sleep, and yet can have quite disastrous effects when it’s left unchecked. But even when you’re jumping into bed on time every night, getting your 8 hours on your single mattress, you can still sometimes spend the next day feeling tired and unalert. So why is this? There are actually quite a few things that can make you feel tired besides lack of sleep – see if these behaviours and situations fit into your life, and if they do, you may have found the answer!

You’re Bored
Tedious, mind-numbing activities are unfortunately often part of everyday life. Sometimes, they can slip into your downtime as well. No matter if you’re at work doing the same thing over and over, or at home watching the 4th television episode in a row, your body often registers boredom as tiredness (1). When your mind isn’t properly engaged you’ll yawn more, find it easier to lose focus, and put less effort in. This is really important to keep in mind when attempting to exercise – if you enjoy the exercise you’re doing, you’ll likely put more effort in and do it for longer.

You’re Surrounded By Noise
This isn’t something that you can usually control, but louder the constant decibel level around, the more tired you’ll be after any period of time. Noise causes your pulse and blood pressure to increase, which adds stress to your nervous system and tires you out across the day (1). If you work in a particularly noisy environment, it might be worth considering noise cancelling headphones in periods when you’re working solidly by yourself, to give your body and mind a break.

You’re In The Dark
Once again, something that is often difficult to control, but is affecting your energy levels. Studies have shown that those who get more sunlight during the day sleep better at night, and are more rested when they get up in the morning (2). If the places you go to most during the day don’t have windows or get very little natural sunlight, try to take lunch breaks outside, and occasionally take a stroll out of the building.

You’re Slouching
No really, this isn’t just your Mum in disguise telling you to sit up straighter! When your joints aren’t aligned properly, your body has to work harder to keep you standing or sitting. It also prompts the body to think of sleep, as you aren’t putting as much pressure on it to stay upright (3). So if you’re falling asleep in your chair, try sitting up without leaning on the backrest – it’ll likely wake you up way before it tires you out!

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