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4 Simple Rules to Choose Your Web Design Company in India

August 1, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Ecommerce

Business is not only about selling the best products but also about reaching out to the best customers and to be on top in the competitive market and to get there you need the best web design company in India on your side. Before I start rolling out the rules for citing the best web designing company for you, I must remind you that developing or refurbishing a website is no more a critical job; it just needs the right expertise and experience to set things right, in time and to your benefit.

Rule 1: Preparation

Your first step is to make a list of everything that you will want the web designing company to do for you – right from domain registration to day to day support (if needed), designing a logo to contract transfer. Most importantly, do not forgo a point because it may sound silly or imagine that it is natural for any company to do so. Cross checking is a must.

Rule 2: Search

There are thousands of web design companies in Kolkata. Search result on Google shows multiple pages of results and confusion looms high. You can either pick them at random or use the method of reference and research.

Try studying the sites of your competitors and other big players in the market. Mark a few that draw your admiration. Pin point the qualities that suffice your need. The name of the web designing firm is sometimes mentioned in the site credits; if not, the next best way is to contact the website owner and get the details of the firm; this will also give you a firsthand opinion about them.

Rule 3: Evaluation

Once you have listed down a few companies of your choice, it’s time to evaluate their worth.

Scan through their Portfolio: Quality, Capability, Consistency, and Versatility – Find out the different areas and parameters in which the company is capable of functioning. Check through the profiles displayed in their portfolio to judge their capability and consistency. This will also usher you with the knowledge of how versatile the company is. Try to look for similar solutions provided by the firm as you are in need of.

Crosscheck by making an online visit of the client websites. If possible make a few phone calls and ask for their opinions of the web designing company.

Having judged them on all these grounds, it’s time to pen down the preferred names.

Rule 4: Examination

Now is time to walk the last few steps. Here’s when you want a ‘one-to-one’ with the company/ies of your choice. What you want to verify is the strength and genuinity of the firm.

Strength – Prompt response, smooth communication, proposing straightforward solution/s to your requirement/s, presenting scalability and upgradation schemes to your project, offering value added services – all these basic skills are a prerequisite; however, to add to this you must judge them on their technical capabilities and the quality of proposed solution they offer.

Genuinityi’ – Well, most dictionaries do not even have this word in stock; however, going by the ‘Urban Dictionary’ meaning, genuinity (the measure of how genuine something or someone truly is) is exactly what you are to be looking for in the web designing company.

There are multiple areas in which inspite of providing the best service, the company can keep a hold onto your website and you may never claim full ownership of your website. These include – contract on website ownership, information about ftp and hosting control panel login user-id and password, etc. Also make sure you clearly understand the contract cancellation policy of the company; this will save you any trouble when you try to move out.

Affordability – All scrutiny finally melts down to affordability and the fee depends on the quality of expertise and service they offer. Just remember, quality does not come cheap though it’s not true that anything that’s pricy is the best.

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