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10 Things to Take Care Of Before Finishing the Basement

June 23, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Business

A basement can be more than a storage area. With the help of technology and some innovation, it can be made comfortable, warm and inviting. It can be turned into a place where children can play or a get-together with friends can be planned. For this, proper finishing should be done.

In Denver, basement finishing can be done through contractors who factor in all the necessary points before proceeding with the processes. Following are certain points that need to be focused upon before opting for basement finishing.

Control the mold and moisture

Even before starting basement finishing, make sure that there are no uncontrollable moisture and mold problems. In case there is a mold issue, try to stop it as soon as possible and ensure that water does not get in. If this cannot be tackled, it is advisable to get help from mold remediation experts.

Permits and inspections

Once the feasibility is confirmed, it is important to get the necessary permits and inspections done.

Budget for the finishing

After the approvals, it is important to figure out a rough estimate of the expenses and check if it suits the budget. Things that need to be considered are – labor, building supplies, etc. It is a good idea to hire a contractor for basement finishing in Denver. They help in figuring out the amount of money needed and where all it can be saved.

Proper electronic systems

The air conditioning, heating and ventilating is usually installed as per the upper level requirements. One needs to make sure that HVAC contractor validates the equipment to be safe for serving the basement as well. If this is ignored, the life span of equipment may reduce.

Removal of Radon

Radon, an odorless radioactive gas, seeps into the basement from the surrounding soil. If it is not controlled, it can expose the people in basement to the equivalent of 200 chest x-rays annually. Presence of the gas can be checked through charcoal-base collectors. A licensed radon contractor can be hired for detection. Installing ventilators or sealing cracks and surfaces can help prevent the gas from entering.

Apart from the above mentioned points, solid footing should be ensured. For below-grade applications, all kinds of flooring are not feasible. Small fluctuations in moisture levels can cause splitting and buckling. Thus, strong and sturdy material should be used in flooring after proper inspection. The best option, that goes with the desired look and provides a strong footing, should be chosen.

The author of this article explains about the necessity of basement finishing in Denver. He is a well experienced remodeler and likes to share his views on remodeling through articles.

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