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10 Simple Tips to Keep Your Home Cool in Hot Summer

May 5, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Home Improvement

Summer is the hottest season across India. Temperatures at most places spike to 45 degree Celsius to 50 degree Celsius. Coupled with hot sunshine are the hot winds. They make the climate uncomfortable. Therefore, it is important to make sure than the impact of summer heat is reduced. Here are 10 simple tips that would be helpful.

1. Cross ventilation
The more number of windows open, the more ventilation will happen. Cross ventilation happens when natural wind flows through the home’. Cross ventilation helps your home cool down significantly. It is important keep windows open during 5 AM to 8 AM and 7 PM to 10 AM. During this periods the air in the home gives into the cooler air even when sun is there. Also, after sun set keep windows open throughout the night.

2. Declutter
Heavy furniture like almirah creates heat clusters – they pack up the heat and make the home hotter. So they should be kept far from each other.

3. Painting roof white
Painting the roof with white coating is an efficient way of keeping the home interior cook. The white coating results in heat being reflected back leading to cooling effect. You can use products from Pidilite, Fosroc,  Monarchindia, etc. Also, if the terrace is white washed, it would help reflect the heat substantially.

4. Lighting
Use LEDs in place of commonly used florescent tube, CFLs, incandescent bulbs, which not only reduce the heat generated significantly, help keep your home environment cool, and reduce power bills as well. Though LEDs are a little expensive, yet  they help you save on power bills in the long run.

5. Plants on terrace/balcony
Growing plants need mud, which is to be used to plant them. The mud used becomes a powerful insulator, which prevents by absorbing the heat. Alternatively, synthetic material (gardening) sheets could be used to prevent drainage of water.

6. Use blinds on windows
Fit the windows with blinds with insulating material. This will keep the exterior heat away will allow wind flow in when the window is open.

7. Planter fitted windows
Windows with planters would help cool the home interior by absorbing the heat that comes in the form of hot wind. The plants would make the incoming wind humid and thus comes the cooling effect.

8. Use bamboo curtains
In balcony, bamboo curtains can be used because bamboo is a bad conductor of heat and therefore, helps prevent the heat outside the home from coming in.

9. Straw layers
Layers of staked up straw on the terrace would make the terrace cool because straw is good heat insulator. Layers of gardening plastic sheets can be used to bundle the hay atop. Switch on the sprinkler at regular time intervals. Or, you can keep the hey damp with buckets of water four-five times a day.

10. Keep fridge closed
When you open the refrigerator to get cool wind for a few moments, it is not good for the home interior. This is because, the refrigerators motor has to work more intensively, and as result generates more heat, which heats up the home.

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RealKonnect is a real estate portal that operates in Mumbai. Our objective is to help our prospects/clients find the dream property in Mumbai.

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